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Discussion in 'GTL Setups' started by Guy Moulton, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Guy Moulton

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    I'm hoping to be joining the Boss 302 series and I have been working on a setup. The default setup is ok, but mine is better. The rear end of these monsters can get very loose and hard to manage- this setup keeps the tail from getting too out of hand, still lets the car run free through the corners, is well balanced, preserves the tires (these heavy beasts can eat tires if you run the chassis to stiff and crank up the roll bars) and deals with the many elevation changes at The Glen. With this setup (same fuel amount as in here- good for a 13 or even 14 lap race) I run in the [pretty good times] after only one day of running hotlaps.

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    Edit by Stuart: made this the setup thread and edited laptimes out.
  2. Stuart Thomson

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    Guy, as you'll have seen by now, you've been made up to licensed member, so you can sign up for the races/series.

    Also, we decided that, for brevity, we'd have just the one thread per car in the setups section, but as yours is the first, I've made yours the de facto Boss setup car thread. :good:
  3. Ross McGregor

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    BOSS 302 Mustang

    View attachment 12 laps.svm

    12-lap race setup for Riverside Can-am

    Good base setup for any other track too... just remember to adjust your gear ratios!
  4. Knut Omdal Tveito

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    BOSS 302 Mustang - Virginia

    Mostly worked on the dampers and springs. The diff might be a little too stiff, but just decrease the power setting if you want to make it a little more gentle out of tight corners.

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  5. Knut Omdal Tveito

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    BOSS 302 Mustang - Jacarepagua

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  6. Warren Dawes

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    Boss 302 Mustang - 67 Panorama

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